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As U.S. Tariffs take effect cost of steel increases across the board


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Let us help you improve your bottom line, increase profits, lower lead times, and cost per units.

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In today's competitive business world you need all the help you can get!


Cast Steel Solutions USA works as a purchasing department for manufacturing companies looking to increase competitiveness by buying cast steel and cast iron parts instead of fabricating in house. As Consultants we help you look at your production plan and help develop a cast parts purchasing plan. To foundries we offer our experience bringing business, and handling communciations and logistics support. The best part is our fee is in your cost. $USD per pound, which makes it easy to compare.

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Timing and Lead Time

We work with your planned production to get you your parts on time competitively priced. Our services include..

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Easy communication

While we like to visit our clients, we can get you a price based on your engineering drawings. Have a look at our steel chemistry.

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Not our first rodeo!

We have a proven track record of helping clients get the quality products they need at competitive prices, let us help you compete.

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